Monday, 25 July 2011

Illustration I did for NYLON Japan. August 2011 issue.

Illustrations: Inge Jacobsen
Photographer: Kenji Nakazato
Model: Kiko Mizuhara
For NYLON Japan.


  1. Hello Ms.Inge
    Nice to meet you.
    My name is Yumiko.I'm Japanese.

    Also I'm creator as use my illustration.
    I bought a NYLON JAPAN that issue,
    though I became favorite your artwork,I didn't know your name.

    But I found your name in credit recently.

    So I just checked your another artwork in your website and this blog.

    You're really talent !
    I 'm glad to meet your artwork in Japanese magazine.

    I love VOGUE cover stitch and stitched fashion works !

    I'm looking forward to watch your new artwork and your exhibition at
    the UK or Berlin or Germany.

    Love from Japan

  2. Thank you so much Yumiko!! You're so kind :D xx